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Multi-talented musician. Producer, songwritter who plays over 70+ instruments.  But if you ask him, he will downplay it! A humble guy who justt enjoys music.

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My Story

He quickly gained popularity with not only local Detroiters but also members from Flint artists "Ready for the World."  It has been said when Oliverwho? (as he was known at the time) went into a local studio to record his song "Cinderella's Attic," members from RFTW were waiting for their studio time. Upon listening the group took the song...and their hit record became"Oh Sheila!"
Soon he was asked to perform on Detroit's popular dance show at the time called 'The Scene,' and later to perform on BET's 'Video Soul," singing 'Clever,' from the album Shaka Who Who.  
He later formed a bond with The Haughton family and toured with their daughter Aaliyah on her European tour. That was the not the last time that Europe got a taste of this skillful artist. He later returned with his partner LaShone Caliman as the Oliverwho Factory.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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