Better Days_30_1.mp3The Oliverwho Factory

"Music that moves your sole."

Live instrumentation, soulful vocals, and new dance technology is the foundation for Madd Chaise (chase) International.



Just In...Success!

We here at MCI are proud supporters of the arts. Jael Caliman's "Band Class," was a hit! So proud of her amazing works. Her unique, obscure take on reality will be on display until February 14, 2020. Ck


Did You Know? The Oliverwho Factory performed at the "Band Class" event?

They opened the show with an unreleased track entitled "Art and Money." Performed "U Dont Know," including live keyboard riffs and a conga solo! See the video


Breaking News!  We have completed two records.

 One has deep house music and soulful sounds. The other has funk electro with soulful sounds. Check back soon for audio l


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